The Mossucca Group operates since 1970 in road transport and integrated logistics services.

Passing through the more traditional and well-known word of removals, the Mossucca Group has developed over the years a steady and gradual process of operational growth, for which prides itself on being among the major players in the sector.

The foundations that inspire daily operations for over forty years are:

  • passion to serve the interests of our customers as if they were our, assisting large and small companies always with the same commitment
  • proud to offer services of the highest quality and professionality, aiming for excellence
  • ambition and determination to tackle the challenges, considering them an opportunity to grow
  • the flexibility required by the markets in terms of availability, skills and attention to customer needs
  • professionality, accuracy, reliability, credibility, transparency and honesty, also request to our partners and suppliers, according to higher standards