Home Mission Statement

The Mossucca Group proposes itself as a provider of services in the transport sector and integrated logistics services. Ten years' experience and established partnerships, are the critical success factors on which it bases its excellent corporate image that characterizes the Group.

In a global market, where competition is inherent and inevitable, the Mossucca Group operates according to a business strategy focused on "customer focus" and "sharing" of the economies of efficiency and rationalization.

Through a young and dynamic organization, the Group offers suggestions and solutions that meet the diversified and customized explicit and implicit needs of the customer, all subject to customer satisfaction & care. The intent is to provide the customer a complete service in the logistics, understood in its highest sense as "the set of organizational activities, managerial and strategic that governing in company flows of materials and related information from its origins in suppliers to the delivery of finished products to customers and after-sales service"*.

The three key points are:

  • the adaptation to market fluctuations without them automatically affecting the quality and pricing of the service
  • the efficacy in the development and governance of shared management solutions
  • the reduction of direct investment by the Customer

* Italian Association of Logistics (AILOG)