Home Quality Policy

The assumption is to build a competitive advantage on competition on the basis of a comprehensive and coherent approach to quality. Therefore, the business strategy is guided by the total quality management with the aim of satisfying all company interlocutors (customers, suppliers and the social partners, employees, management, etc.). The company's output is not seen simply as the service to be provided: the Group aims to provide quality, and the quality is defined from time to time, based on what he wants and expects the customer.

Operating according to this approach, the group has implemented a business management system complies with the requirements of the standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.

Guideline values are the increased responsibilities of employees, continuous improvement process with rigorous methods of statistical control, the redefinition of the supervision role and the ability to tell the management problems to be deleted, the team work in the interests of company, eliminating internal competition.