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Road and rail transports

The management and execution in own and/or through third transport across the European road and rail network.

Delivery to any destination quickly and safely through dedicated vehicles, even in the form of special transport.

Our offer in the transport sector are as follows:

  • Express services
  • Groupage international transport
  • International cargo partial and complete
  • Transport of dangerous goods
  • Intermodal transport
  • Collection system and national delivery
  • Transport on rails

Air transport

Bureaucratic formalities necessary for the correct transport of all types of products and in accordance with the regulations in force in major airports in the world; organization, therefore, to direct air shipments and/or consolidated, still airport and/or door to door from and to any country, through an extensive and efficient network of correspondents. The rapid grouping and consolidation of shipments can offer a service at the same time efficient and convenient.

The offer in the sector of air freight includes:

  • Refrigerated container for perishable goods
  • Transport securities
  • Individual or consolidated shipments to/from major world airports
  • Sea-air transport
  • Partial or full charter
  • Worldwide express and courier shipments
  • Management of dangerous goods

Transport by ship

Shipping activities and complementary loading and unloading of goods to and from any destination with dedicated container.

The offer in the sector of transport by ship is as follows:

  • Ship rental dedicated
  • Container stuffing
  • Special equipment
  • Transport of refrigerated goods
  • Special transport

Integrated logistics services

Business logistics

Physical handling, information and organization of the goods flow from sources of supply to final customers, with related activities of deposit, handling, re-packaging, labeling, more.

Reverse logistics

Process of planning, implementing and controlling the efficiency of raw materials, semi-finished goods, finished goods and related information flows from the recovery point, or consumer, at the origin point, in order to regain value from products that have exhausted their life cycle.

Bulk logistics

Management and handling of large quantities of bulk materials, generally raw materials such as coal, cereals, etc..